Judith Parizer Adler, LCSW

Sex Therapy and Psychotherapy serving Fairfield and Westchester

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Making appointments:

To make an appointment, please call my office at (203) 661-1408. Your message will be confidential. It is helpful to leave times that you can be reached. Please note if you want me to identify myself when I return your call. You can expect a response within 24 hours, or the next working day. Some initial information will be taken over the telephone and an appointment for an evaluation can be scheduled. Fee schedules can also be discussed. Insurance often covers some part of the fees for evaluation and treatment.

To protect your privacy, I do not contact patients through email.

What to expect at your first appointment:

During the first interview, I will ask you a number of direct questions about your personal and relationship history, sexual behavior and feelings, and your medical health. You will also have a chance to interview me and I will tell you more about my background and answer any questions you have. The appointment is designed to understand the nature of your problem and create an environment where you can openly discuss sexual concerns comfortably.

Additional information about your history may also be requested from your physician, and I may refer you for a medical examination. On the basis of this interview, further evaluations or treatment can be planned.

Insurance Coverage

Many insurance plans will cover part or all of you treatment. I do not accept insurance directly, but will work with you to get you reimbursed by your insurer.