Judith Parizer Adler, LCSW

Sex Therapy and Psychotherapy serving Fairfield and Westchester

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Welcome to my website and thank you for taking the time to inquire about me. I have a private practice in Greenwich, Connecticut where I strive to create a supportive and comfortable environment to treat the sexual problems of couples and individuals.

If you want to improve your sexual health or desire greater intimacy with your partner, call my office so we can talk further.

How I Can Help:

  • Place the sexual problem within a social or medical context to understand the problem without being judgmental or placing blame.
  • Learn to talk about what you want and effectively communicate with your partner.
  • Understand, diagnose, and treat psychological, relationship and social causes of sexual problems, including:
  • Problems with sexual desire, sexual arousal (erections and lubrication), orgasm, and sexual pain.
  • Problems resulting from trauma such as rape, molestation, abuse and coercion.
  • Problems involving sexual difference and sexual identity.
  • Problems with sexual compulsivity or addiction and risky sexual behaviors.
  • Understand and refer to physician for diagnosis and treatment of the physical root of sexual problems and functioning, including:
  • Identify the sexual side effects of medications you are taking.
  • Identify the sexual side effect of life style factors such as smoking, drinking, or lack of exercise.
  • Identify sexual problems associated with physical illness or incapacity.
  • Identify the effects of major medical treatments on sexual functioning, including; breast surgery, prostate surgery, debilitating or disfiguring illness.
  • Gain up-to-date and non-judgmental information about human sexuality and sexual enhancement.
  • Work toward achieving a more fulfilling sexual life.
  • GLBT friendly.

If you are a medical professional, I offer seminars and workshops on sexual health and addressing sexual questions with patients.

I am a Certified Sex Therapist, member of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.